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  • Pinworms—Child Care and Schools

    Small, white, threadlike worms (0.25″–0.5″ long) that live in the large intestine

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  • Pneumonia and Your Child

    After an exam, the doctor may order a blood test or an x-ray. These tests can help your doctor decide how to treat your child's infection. If your child needs medicine, be sure you know the right amount, when to give the medicine, and if you should give food with it. If you forget or don't understand

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  • Pneumonia—Child Care and Schools

    An inflammation of the lungs primarily caused by a viral or, less commonly, bacterial infection. Infection of the lungs often is secondary to an infection that starts in the nose and throat area (ie, the upper portion of the respiratory tract) and then spreads to the lungs (ie, the lower portion of the

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  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)—Child Care and Schools

    A virus that causes the common cold and other respiratory signs or symptoms

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  • Ringworm—Child Care and Schools

    A fungal infection that may affect the body, feet, or scalp

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