At Nava Segall, MD, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

My wife and I are big fans of Dr. Segall and her office.

Dr. Segall is very patient with my wife and I which, as first-time parents of a newborn, is amazing since we have LOTS of questions. She takes the time to address all of the questions we have and never seems annoyed.

She is also knowledgeable and bases her conclusions on research/papers. She typically carries her laptop with her and is happy to show us the papers and other research that lead her to her conclusions. We really appreciate this since many doctors don’t explain their rationale.

She also doesn’t “over prescribe”. Our daughter has some issues with lactose and, instead of subjecting her to hours of testing, Dr. Segall recommended we try food elimination and hypoallergenic formula at home. This is nice in a field that often simply prescribes a medicine or a test.

She has a great bedside manner and sense of humor and has been very thoughtful overall. One of the reviews said Dr. Segall was not warm and inviting which we found strange. We’ve found her to be nothing but warm and inviting. Our newborn daughter seems to like her too since she usually stops fussing when the doctor is in the room which is great.

And, wait times are low, we are generally moved into our specific room immediately. A lot of doctors keep you waiting for 15, 30, 45 minutes, etc. but we have not experienced that, and we appreciate it. The one time we needed an appointment that wasn’t scheduled in advance, she got us in the next day and the wait time was still very reasonable.

We definitely recommend Dr. Segall.
- George C.

Dr. Segall is caring, thoughtful, thorough and the most qualified doctor. We are so grateful that our son is under her care and couldn’t be more appreciative. She always finds the time to fit him in and she is very prompt. Thank you Dr. Segall! 
- Joseph K.

We are so happy that we found Dr. Segall. She provides such thoughtful and supportive care for both of our kiddos. We love that it's a private practice that feels so personal. Dr. Segall has always made herself available when we have questions or concerns, and we've never had an issue getting an appointment. She is thorough, her staff is always friendly, and she even goes the extra mile to support the community.
- Julia K.

Dr. Segall has been there for our family through thick and thin. She has skipped her own lunch to see a sick child (I knew because there were no staff and it was lunch time. She took the vitals and did everything for us). She is excellent at diagnosing. For example, we took our child to the ER over the weekend for breathing problems, and they (resident AND physician in charge) could see nothing wrong. Dr. Segall found the problem and addressed it appropriately. She is detail-oriented and empowers our children by treating THEM as her patients/clients, asking for and respecting their input.

Dr. Segall is always learning and supports her reasoning with research and experience. I can't tell you the number of times her nuanced, informed view made a tangible difference for our three children.

It is true that she isn't in alignment on attachment parenting and free breastfeeding (I was also told my breastfed newborn was too fat). Luckily, I was an experienced mom and just took that input with a grain of salt. I didn't feel shamed in any way, and Dr. Segall and I are able to speak openly about our different approaches. (Spoiler alert: all my breastfed babies were "too fat" and they all slimmed down when they started walking and remained at healthy weights). I still wouldn't trade her or her team for all the world. She truly cares about our children and any advice she gives comes from a place of wanting children to be healthy.

- Kim M.


  • "I can trust the health of my children with Nava Segall, MD"
    Stephanie De Leon
  • "The best pediatricians to take your kiddos to. My kids love seeing Dr. Smith when they’re sick"
    Jennifer R.